Our Food

Using bio-intensive methods,we grow more food than imagined possible on 2 acres while striving to stay attentive to our larger ecosystem and soil fertility. We take pride in our quality of our produce over the quantity. We primarily work using hand tools, with the occasional support of a tilther and BCS tiller. We work to integrate perennial plantings with annuals, and to attract beneficial pollinators. We choose heirloom varieties where possible. We work hard to offer vital food and flowers to all sectors of the community, which includes neighbors via CSA, farmers market, local stores, restaurants, schools and food bank. When possible we work with local chefs for special venues and celebrations.

On farm fertility program

For the past 25 years we have constantly asking new questions, experimenting and learning with various forms of bioconversion to cultivate vital soil utilizing and cultivating bacterial microbes, fungi, beneficial plants, insects and worms.

We combine on farm plant material, animal manure and forest products such as wood chips and sawdust with other island products such as cardboard to produce beautiful compost. We have imported high value inputs such as kelp meal and beneficial fungi. We pay close attention to crop rotation, cover crops and have been working on minimal use of tillage, exploring companion planting and living understories. We are constantly asking new questions, experimenting and learning. Each season has a new surprise!

Find Morning Star Farm at the Orcas Island Farmers Market from May to October!

Stop by on Saturday and hand pick your produce or sign up for a CSA to receive a weekly box of fresh Vegetables.

We love selling to individuals, Caterers, private chefs, and restaurants. During the most fruitful part of our growing season Orcas island is alive with family reunions, weddings, and special parties. Keep your menu seasonal and fresh buy locally.

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If you are interested in getting our produce outside of our CSA program please check out Facebook and Instagram for updates on what is available when and how to access produce.

For special orders please contact us at msfarmorcas@gmail.com or by phone 360-376-2682 or 360-298-9278

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