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In keeping with the history of this land we have continued to open up the farm to groups who seek retreat, growth, and the rich connection between healthy food, healthy bodies and healthy minds.

From 1988 to 1991 we hosted Susan Osborn and the Seeds of Singing workshops. Those early day workshops created life long friendships, community and a deep understanding of the enormity this sacred space could hold for people as they discovered and learned something new.

Night Traveling: Bringing Light into Dark Times

Consider joining us for a five-day summer retreat to feed your soul and clarify your vision. For more information, please read below…

Search the Darkness
Sit with your friends, don’t go back to sleep.
Don’t sink like a fish to the bottom of the sea.
Surge like an ocean, don’t scatter yourself like a storm.
Life’s waters flow from darkness. Search the darkness, don’t run from it.
Night travelers are full of light, and you are too: don’t leave this companionship.
Be a wakeful candle in a golden dish, don’t slip into the dirt like quicksilver.
The moon appears for night travelers, be watchful when the moon is full.

We are at a critical moment in history…a raw time of immense upheaval and uncompromising demands upon Earth. Emotions run high, uncertainty floods the streets, and polarization divides us as it creates suspicion and despair. Hope needs resuscitation. For our planet and all of her creatures to flourish, it’s crucial that courageous people show up with all their wisdom and the depth of their hearts. As the late Leonard Cohen reminds us, we are being called forth “to play a greater part.”

Perhaps there has never been such an opportunity to allow our truest selves to awaken, to let the beauty of our souls be seen and heard. With threats to justice, health and the environment pressing on us from so many directions, we have a unique chance to let the urgency of this moment assist us in confronting and overcoming any obstacles that have blocked our voices and actions in the past, propelling us into deeper engagement with our most deeply held beliefs and passions.

Walking the soul path into the unknown and saying yes to a life of radical service is excruciatingly difficult for most of us to do alone. Setting aside time with others of like mind and similar intention to share hopes, doubts, ideas and burdens can provide clarity and momentum. The attentive presence of others mirrors us back to ourselves and helps us overcome the forces that keep us small and hidden.

From June 14th through the 18th of this year, we will meet in an atmosphere of mutual support and encouragement on beautiful Morning Star Farm on Orcas Island, WA, to listen deeply for new ways of bringing our light into the night-like quality of these times. We will endeavor to befriend the dark, to embrace the unknown, to wrestle with our dreams, to pray, to respond to our inner quickenings, to plant the seeds of our visions, to navigate beyond our fears, and to begin to see how our particular souls can be a part of the healing of these times.

In addition to the five days we will spend together in June, this program will begin and end with online video conference meetings, to be scheduled once our group has formed. A single preparatory council style meeting in May will allow us to get acquainted and share our intentions before gathering in person, and two follow-up councils later in the summer will provide support to navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of implementing any new commitments made during our time on the farm. In addition, you will have personal mentoring calls with the guides before and after our gathering in June providing individualized attention that will include suggested tasks to help you keep moving forward.

Total Program Cost is $1450. This includes our online meetings and individual mentoring sessions, as well as breakfasts and dinners while we are together on the farm. We will be camping, so you will need to bring camping gear as well as your own lunches, snacks and drinks. Everyone will lend a hand in meal preparation and clean-up. A non-refundable deposit of $300 will hold your place in this program; to register or for more information, please email us by clicking the button below.

When: Wednesday, June 14 to Sunday, June, 18, 2017
Where: Morning Star Farm
Cost: $1,450

Your Guides:

hugh-grantHugh M. Grant
Hugh is passionate about being a guide to those who seek deeper wholeness and connectedness, and to those who yearn to manifest love and compassion for all of creation. He loves to help create opportunities for life-changing transformation in places of wild beauty. His learning and experience comes primarily from three interwoven threads of study and exploration—as clinical social worker, Episcopal priest, and nature lover. He is especially curious about the interplay between soul and spirit and the ways a human being embodies these, with each person living out a unique story that is bound inextricably to a larger, timeless story. With an attentive ear, Hugh likes to listen, witnessing and mirroring others as their paths unfold.

jadeJade Sherer
Jade Sherer is has been a consort to soul seekers for nearly 20 years. Trained by Animas Valley Institute (AVI), School of Lost Borders and Martin Prechtel, she went on to train new guides at AVI and to guide more than a thousand people in over 15 years at AVI and now independently. Jade is a nature-based guide, a lover of the feminine way, an entrepreneurial coach, a ceremonialist, a deep listener and dream worker. She is a devotee to the wild mystery, bowing to Earth and Her children as her most enduring teachers. She supports authentic living with respect and dedication to Earths generous wisdom. She sees soul-centric community and mindful communication skills as crucial at this time.
Visit her blog site at:

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Dreamscapes: Dreaming a Future World into Being

Philosophers say we are in a period where “radical hope” is the ethical response to a chaotic world.  “Radical “because it is not based on experience, but on what we can imagine. On this island farm, we will expand our imaginative intelligence. Here, seeds become food and flower, fog alters our vision, and the surrounding sea calls us to our depths. Here, the dreamscape will guide us, individually, to embody this imaginative excellence.  Each day, we will spend time together exploring our dreams, combined with periods of solitude, and luxurious space to wander the rugged landscape of hopes and dreams.

We will camp on the wild wet edge of the Morning Star Farm, wander in it’s domestic and wilderlands, and sit with dreams that call us forward.

Dates: We will begin at 3pm on Wed. June 21 and complete by 1pm on Sunday June 25, 201
Your Guides: Jade Sherer and Lauren Chambliss
Cost: $875 includes breakfasts, dinners, a beautiful indoor meeting space, and camping. Participants will be responsible for bringing their own lunches, drinks and snacks.

*We ask that participants assist in meal prep and clean up.
**A $250 non-refundable deposit is due to hold your place!
Travel is not included. Rides from the ferry can be arranged.

Jade Sherer has been consort to soul seekers for nearly 20 years. Trained by Animas Valley Institute (AVI), School of Lost Borders and Martin Prechtel, she went on to train new guides at AVI and to guide more than a thousand people in over 15 years at AVI and now independently.

Jade is a nature-based soul  guide, transition coach for leaders and entrepreneurs, ceremonialist, dreamworker and writer.  Her intuitive attunement, sensitivity and great love for Earth and her Beings drove her to naturally become a sort of tracker between worlds…opening terrains of mystery for those she works with. She listens deeply to what the inner and outer wilderness reveals for humans to find direction, healing and a sense of their particular genius.

Lauren Chambliss is a writer, teacher, rite-of-passage guide and dreamworker.  A journalist in Washington, DC for 20 years, she moved with her family to upstate New York in 2001 and now teaches communication at Cornell University. Lauren was on the guiding staff of Animas Valley Institute from 2002-2013.  Lauren has been working with dreams — in groups, workshops, and private sessions — for more than a decade. Incorporating techniques from many cultures and mentors, her unusual style engages participants with characters and images within their dreams, and then continues that dance of imagination in nature. She strongly believes dreaming is one of the most meaningful and revealing aspects of being human.

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