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Sweet Pea Pods

There is a movement towards simpler ways of living on Earth. An idea with roots: Emerson, Thoreau, the Romantics, our First Nation Brothers and Sisters, and beyond to the earliest days of our nomadic ancestry….


We see this expressed today in an exciting conversation around human habitat… Micro-shelters, Tiny Houses, PODS… a new American Dream: accessible, affordable, portable, uniquely personal dwelling spaces.


Morning Star Builders is excited to participate in this movement with our introduction of living spaces inspired by the elegant efficiency seen in the seedpods of flowering plants. These seedpods serve as vessels offering protection and transportation for the very seeds of life. Elegant, evolving bio structures offering wisdom and inspiration to live light!


Morning Star Builders designing P.O.D.S (Portable, Obtainable, Dwelling, Spaces) with the intention of addressing the year round housing issue that exists in the San Juan Islands. With the desire to utilize some of the many local resources on Orcas, the Sweet Pea Pod was designed and built using as many local materials as possible. The majority of the timber used for this house was sustainably harvested and milled on Morning Star Farm.

splayedThe Sweet Pea Pod is built on an 8 feet wide by 20 feet long trailer, which was custom built to carry the weight of this tiny home. A home on wheels provides the flexibility of location and allows one to move the home as desired based on lifestyle needs.

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Specifications/Price Break Down

Exterior Design

Trailer bed & Wood Framing


  • Plaster
  • Morning Star Farm wood siding
  • Vinyl windows
  • Metal roofing

Interior Design


Built in couch

Wall finish:

  • Wood paneling & plaster
  • Plaster
  • Paint


  • Instantaneous hot water heater


  • Lighting

Space heating:

  • Dickenson Newport heater
  • Wall mount toe kick heater


  • Stove top- 2 burner
  • Stove top- 4 burner with oven
  • Residential compact fridge
  • Sink
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